FTI "Rostransmodernizatsiya"
The state customer directorate for the implementation of transport infrastructure complex development projects.


The Federal Treasury Institution “Directorate of the state customer for realization of the Federal target program “Modernization of transport system of Russia” is a nonprofit organization and is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation according to the Government decree of the Russian Federation No. 1752-R dd. 31.12.2004. It acts as the state customer that provides an effective and purposeful use of the state budget funds and the non-state extra sources funds in accordance with the priorities pointed in the State program and carries out the following functions:

  • current management of the Federal target program "The Development of the Transport System of Russia (2010-2021)" activities integrated into the State program;
  • acts as a state customer within the following aspects: the certain projects (parts) of the State program including capital construction objects within the subprogram “Complex development of the logistics hubs” in the cases specified by the legislation of the Russian Federation; the maintenance of FTI expenses; the operation and development of “The informational-analytical system of the Russian Federation transport sector state regulation”; the scientific research and experimentally constructional projects excluding the following investigations: “The development of transport complex prognostication”, “The creation of the applications for the implementation of the scientific support activities, that are under the Ministry of transport jurisdiction”; “The normative and legislative, informational and methodological support of the general program and cross-sectoral issues”;
  • acts as a project office of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation.


General Director

VASILYEV Igor Alekseevich

Тел. 8 (499) 262-82-42

Fax 8 (499) 262-70-32

First Deputy General Director

GALIMOV Nikolay Anasovich

  • Management of the Federal target programs
  • Management of project financing

Deputy General Director

SHATUNOV Aleksandr Aleksandrovich

  • Project management
  • Management of project support

Deputy General Director

PETROV Andrey Vjacheslavovich

  • Legal Department
  • Contract Service

Deputy General Director

SICHKAR Anastasiya Vladimirovna

  • The informational-analytical system of the Russian Federation transport sector state regulation Department

Chief Accountant

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